Saturday, 21 April 2018

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

Update: Interceding for My Broken Marriage

Restoration and Rebuilding

Blessed Do Overs

Standing for a spouse can be a very lonely time but in my case turned out to be an amazing blessing, despite the pain and loneliness. Holy Spirit revamped my heart and motives which in turn helped me to realize that I too had faults and areas that urgently required attention.
Several months passed and eventually the blessed hope that I had carried bore fruit and my spouse and I were reunited and restored. This however could not just be a continuation of the marriage, because we had both undergone changes during our separation and were quite simply not the same people who had broken up.

This was a bessed “do over” and with Fathers help we were able to discuss ans discard many issues and able to view our marriage in light of eternity versus just him and I in the union. We both realized that we had much to lose and therefore we decided to build our marriage towards specific goals that we both wished to attain. Unity in decision making, companionship to one another, our own home. Specific things that we could work towards to maintain our focus on the things that mattered to us.

The above mentioned were lovely goals but it was not an easy thing to accomplish. Very quickly the normal pressures of life would press in and threaten to overwhelm the easy equilibrium of our new fresh start. Despite the many obstacles that came our way and the many minor disagreements we pressed on to the goals that we had set and after two years were rewarded with our own home.

There are no words to express the joy and the thankfulness of our hearts. Things were tough and will be tough as long as we are in this world but Father has provided a steady foundation for us and as long as we build on that foundation we will not be tossed about and torn apart at random. We just need to remember to anchor our lives and marriage and dreams on that foundation.

*Hugs* till next time.