Monday, 23 February 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

My Valentine

To my husband,

My one and only valentine. Not only on the 14th of every year, but each and every day.
While the world buys flowers and chocolates and all those lovely things that come and fade, I choose to celebrate with you the things that do not pass….the things that carry so much weight, there is no measure. The things that matter to us both…the things that make up our lives….

For the many nights, when we lay in the dark, hand in hand side by side, discussing the future and the past…our hopes and fears…our joys and our sorrows…thank you for being there with me !!!

For sharing your bed with me and my three boisterous dogs without complaint or comment…thank you for knowing that I need to feel those tiny furry bodies close to mine as I sleep!!!

For cruel and heartless early mornings, when we are forced to get out of our cozy beds and face the days of rush hours, deadlines and seemingly endless pressures….thank you for facing it with me!!!

For the not so lovely times when my stomach is tied in knots because of mounting panic or pressure or stress…and all my toys are thrown about…thank you for calmly picking up the pieces and holding them together!!!

For the joy we share when a new baby chick hatches from an egg, to a sheep that bleats, a new born goat or a galloping horse…thank you for sharing the wonder of it all with me!!!

For that calloused hard working hand that takes mine and make me feel so safe, chosen and secure in this unstable world…thank you for sharing your strength and your courage!!!

For those blue eyes that bore into mine and speak of commitment and perseverance…thank you for that quiet assurance that you are all mine!!!

For all the bills we pay, the meals we share, the rooms we clean, the garden we grow, the children we love, the cars we repair…thank you that in all things you are always there!!!

For the many times I have taken you for granted and neglected to notice your efforts

Thank you!!! 

I love you!!!

We may not have it all together BUT 

together we sure do have it all!!!