Friday, 15 January 2016

Modern Day Samaritan Woman



When time permits I join a group of writers for Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung. Every week we write for five minutes after receiving a one word prompt. No editing or over thinking involved….Just writing for the love of writing. For more information please visit Kate Motaung at Heading Home.

 The word for this week is:


Time is the one thing that moves on with or without our consent. 
Whether we are ready or not time ticks by second by second and like the sands of the hour glass very soon it will be used up…

As the second hand clock ticks around the clock and we like soldiers march to the consistent rhyme …

Are we paying attention?

Do we live with intention?

Are we aware of the words we are spreading?

Do we share the good tidings or merely echo media findings?

Do we take up the challenge to share our personal talent?

Do we encourage those we love to live large and look above?

Do we pour “generously” of ourselves or do we just sit on shelves?

Do our lives honour our Maker?

Are we takers or sharers?

The clock is still ticking…

May we end well without quitting!!!


*Hugs* till next time.