Friday, 1 April 2016

Modern Day Samaritan Woman



When time permits I join a group of writers for Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung. Every week we write for five minutes after receiving a one word prompt. No editing or over thinking involved….Just writing for the love of writing. For more information please visit Kate Motaung at Heading Home. 

 The word for this week is:


Sometimes when we decide to do something in obedience to Father, we can’t always know or predict just how that one act of simple obedience can open up a door to us that we were not even aware of. Sometimes the instruction doesn’t always make sense to us, or we feel foolish when contemplating it.

In September 2015, I was convicted to start wearing a head covering during prayer. Although it took me a few weeks to reach the point of obedience, it really wasn’t such a difficult thing to do. You can read about that journey here. 

Several months have unfolded since that time and my life has taken quite a few knocks and turns, yet the rewards that occurred as a result of being obedient have been incalculable to me.

Holy Spirit took me on a journey in my prayer life that cannot ever be measured. He taught me how to pray and intercede for my loved ones, my marriage, my country and beyond.

The adventure in the spirit realm has been unlike any I have ever experienced. From pray-er, to pleader, to Warrior… The vastness and depths and substance of physically becoming engaged in the battle cannot even be explained in words.

One wall in my prayer room became an entire room covered with blessings, versus, warfare and more. More and more names were added to the wall of prayer. Promptings to perform certain acts prophetically were added to the fray until I understood precisely what I was doing and even why.

With hindsight I understand a lot better why I had to wear the head covering. Father wanted me to understand that when I cover my head I am declaring to the physical and spiritual realm that I am submitting to His Order and His Government; and therefore to His Protection.

In doing so, He in turn could lead me to higher, deeper things.

No, we do not always understand why we are required to perform certain instructions, yet those simple acts of obedience can certainly change our lives.

Have you received an instruction from our Father that seems unexplainable?
Decide today to be obedient. He does not disappoint. There is no telling where that simple act of obedience will take you.


*Hugs* till next time.


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