Thursday, 30 October 2014

Welcome to my blog. 

Take a seat and visit awhile. Its cosy in here and you are very welcome.

My name is Ariéte and I have been writing since I first learned how to. I’m not very good at it, but I do it anyhow. I have always enjoyed writing and I write down just about anything and everything. I have journals, prayer journals, note books and lists of all sorts. I even utilize the note book application on my mobile phone for recipes, poems and to do lists. How many people even know there is such a thing?  I love words and how they sound. (My favourite at this moment is ratchet. It has such a catchy sound, rolls off the tongue so easily). Go on….try it, say it a few times over…now more quickly…what can I say? I love the word. Pity in my line of work I can't slip it in anywhere and everywhere. I also love pens and pencils of all colours and shapes. Well in a nutshell!!!  Stationery of all sorts.
I have never really consciously considered my obsession with writing. I just did it automatically, until recently when I was asked,

“Why do you write everything down?”  Why indeed?

I didn’t really have an answer, apart from the fact that I actually enjoy the act of picking up a pen and writing on paper.  I enjoy the sensation of pressing the pen to the paper and controlling the writing. I enjoy the process of collecting all my thoughts and tying them down as it were onto that white sheet of paper.

Recorded, Saved, Retrievable, Controlled.

Writing grants me permission to move on. To let go.  To forget what is churning around in my brain and allow some new thoughts and conversations to enter.
Yes! I have conversations with myself, God, my children, my friends and even my pets all the time.
I thought about this passion for words and writing and the most truthful answer is that writing helps me to create some kind of order from the chaos that is my life. It brings perspective, separates me from the ugly in a manner that I have control over and helps me to discern Gods Will for me versus my own desires. Once it’s penned to paper, its confined to that white piece of paper and contained, under control.  

No longer random and all over the place,
scrappy and unpredictable.

So I am planning to pen my thoughts and ramblings here, releasing them from my mind and heart and in the process just maybe assisting others who may well be passing through where I have just been.

*Hugs* till next time.