Thursday, 30 October 2014

Honourable man.

What does it mean to be an honorable man?

When my son Kyle –John was growing up and I was home-schooling him, I was very aware of his approaching “manhood”. I knew that I would be instrumental in shaping him into the man he would become and I wanted him to be an honorable man.

This is an old term and I doubt many people, especially men think about it very much nowadays, but just a few hundred years ago men would live and die for their own and their family’s honor.

Honor was what separated those who were reliable and honest from those who were not. 

An honorable man’s word was never questioned and business contracts were verbally agreed upon based on the honor of the men involved.

How was I going to impart this notion, idea and all important character trait into my sons life?  I taught him the theory behind the word, based on the Word with God’s Honor as the only reliable yardstick. We then looked at the lives of various men who had lived honorable lives.

I had done what I could, but I worried that with time he would forget so on his 15th birthday I gave him the simplest of gifts. On a piece of paper, handwritten in my own writing (Have I mentioned that I write down everything?) I penned the words

“ I dare you to grow up to be a man of honor

He kept this paper in his wallet until he was twenty and then lost it when his wallet was stolen. (I often wonder if the thief that stole his wallet ever read that dare and whether it perhaps had assisted him in changing his ways).

I choose to believe however that the principle behind that dare is buried deep in my son’s character and as he faces challenges and life’s twists, I believe he will do the honorable thing rather than the popular thing.

*Hugs* till next time.