Friday, 12 December 2014

Modern Day Samaritan Woman
!!”Happy Contact!!

When my daughter was about two years old she loved plasters and bandages and lots of attention every time she had a “boo boo”. The smallest scrape or bruise required an enormous bandage accompanied by lots of hugs and kisses. Like all little girls she thrived and received an endless flow of love and attention.

On one of the occasions, when she was about two years old, she had another “boo boo” and we (family) were all laughing at the enormous bandage wrapped around her head giving her an almost cartoon like appearance and someone mentioned a well-meaning, “She is such a Hypochondriac”.

My daughter immediately reacted and drew her whole two year old stature up to full height,  slightly off balance and vision distorted by the huge bandage on her head, her hands held defiantly on her hips and announced boldly......

“I am NOT a Happy Contact”…

Needless to say this stuck and we as a family have enjoyed it ever since. My daughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman now and recently God has revealed to me that my daughter is indeed a
!!”Happy Contact!!

Her personality and gentle nature draw people to her and as a natural leader and peacemaker, she calms and resolves all kinds of conflicts without trying very hard.

Contact with her makes one happy!

I am blessed, proud and humbled to be the mother of such a remarkable young woman. I have witnessed her at work, without realizing her impact on others or even trying very hard she creates a safe place for people. I have been the recipient of her gentle care and probably will be again.

My daughter,  is indeed “Beyond Beautiful”

*Hugs* till next time.