Friday, 15 May 2015

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Mothering, Mother’s Day, “Mothering Do ‘Over’s…”

 Mothering, Mother's Day, Mothering Do Over's

So Mother’s Day has now passed and yes I’m aware that I’m almost a week late, but that seems to be the common thread in my life at this moment…always a few days late, a few steps behind, a few tasks moved over to the another day…I have learnt that I really don’t have to have it all together every single day…Some things can wait till tomorrow, because God has the World in His Hands…I do not need to fuss…

When I was asked what I would like for Mother’s Day, I answered in the same way that I have done for many years… “Nothing, just love me every day, because I am a mother every day…not just on this one day”. But, during private reflection I realized that I would really have loved a “Mothering Do Over”.

Mothering made me the Woman I am today!!!

Of all the things I have done and experienced in my life the most fulfilling and wonderful thing was being a mother. I would like to think that I was a fairly good mother, but were I to have a “Do Over”. I would spend more time simply being present in my children’s life instead of fussing over chores and tidiness. Wanting to be the BEST MOTHER ever I thought it was necessary to do it all, every single day and be absolutely perfect at it.  I never understood that, that very annoying “Perfect Woman” in Proverbs 31…didn’t do it all in the same season of her life, but rather progressively, as her seasons changed. I wish I had known this sooner.

There is no way to be the perfect Mother, but a million ways to be a good one!!!

With hindsight I remember our trips to the library and coming back home to pour over new books and information together, and yet the memory of whether my kitchen floor was mopped or not is illusive. I simply do not care to remember because it’s not important anymore…Perhaps it never really was.

I remember the heart warmth and sense of well-being we felt, while sharing a cool drink in the afternoons, in our back yard, when my children planted seeds and re-potted plants rather than whether the dishes in the sink was washed or not. Again, it’s just not important enough.

I have warm memories of long discussions with my children regarding God and His Mercy & Grace, how we were called to live and serve, which helped us all to grow, feel connected and left us feeling so blessed, much more than whether the laundry was done or waiting to be done.

And so, in light of this!!!    

I would really love to have a do over in order to focus more on that which matters.

Yes! it matters whether the house is at least clean enough to be healthy and yes we need clean clothes to wear and clean crockery to eat with; but all these things fade in comparison to the heart connections we have with our children during the growing up years. 

Those are the only memories that matter in the end. 

Those are the thoughts which warm a Mommy’s heart when she feels the ache of an empty nest.

Those are the memories that motivate a Mommy to her knees to pray and pray more for her grown up children as they face their life’s challenges as adults…navigating the unknown.

These are the things that add value to all the accomplishments and myriad of activities a Mommy has done in her life. 

The memory of those little people who tested and stretched that Mommy to be the really best. 

So to my two wonderful children, “Thank you for making me ‘Mommy’. Without you I would never have known the absolute joy of being a mother. I also would never have known just how far and wide a mother’s love can stretch…Because of you and despite my many, many failures, while I muddled through mothering you…I proudly can say “ I am a Mother” on Mother’s Day and claim that victory with all the other Mommy’s.

And in His wonderful mercy and Grace, God gave me the desire of my heart…because I do get to do a “Mothering Do Over”

See my next blog to find out how and more importantly, how I fare, with all my new wisdom and knowledge.

As a Mommy do you also want to be the very best, have a perfect home, healthy happy kids and all your ducks in a row and realize that sometimes it’s all just too much? Relax the Proverbs 31, didn’t do it all in her 20’s. 30’s or 40’s….She did it all during the entire span of her lifetime, all things were accomplished in their own season.

*Hugs* till next time.


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