Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

Growing into the skin of the Proverbs 31 Woman!!!

Encouragement for young wives and mothers…

It is possible to be a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Like all dutiful wives and mothers, I have studied this woman for years (more than I care to admit to) and for the most part I felt like I could never measure up. 

Truthfully, I did not really like her much because, I just felt it’s impossible to be just like her or to come even close. I worked and slaved and adjusted my attitude and habits over and over again and still didn’t seem to be very successful. It seemed like I was getting nowhere…

After all is said and done this is a “Super Mom”, Super Wife”, Super Employer”, “Super Everything”


How is that possible?

From time to time, I was tempted to ignore this chapter in my bible, but it’s hard to ignore something that’s already memorized in your head, after years and years of practice. Besides it’s part of scripture so must be do-able…

God would not provide us with guidelines that He knew we could not attain or even reach…
So with time, experience and wisdom gained I learned the following things from this formidable woman.

I have learned that she did not do everything in exactly the same season, throughout her life. Her accomplishments were adjusted and changed as her life’s seasons changed.

(For example, as a young mother with young children in the home, I was compelled to produce healthy meals for growing kids while also producing Themed Cakes for birthday Parties; however as my children grew up into their teens and eventually adulthood, I no longer needed to produce Themed Birthday Cakes…The kids simply no longer wanted  or needed them)  

However, as my seasons changed; so too did my skill levels in other areas.

I learned that she delegated duties to her servants in order to get all the work done. I have also learned to look after my household appliances (modern day equivalent to servants); to keep them maintained and cleaned, so that as I clean house, do washing or prepare family meals these appliances work well and the work is done when it should be.

I have learned to ensure that my husband is rested in the evenings and ready to sit at his City Walls every day (Equivalent of his daily work); with clean clothing, and ready to undertake the tasks that he needs to do; without having to worry about whether the home is in order or not. I have learned to earn his confidence and trust in that I am in control of the home “affairs” so he can focus on his own affairs, while he is out for the day.

I have learned to manage our finances well and to prepare tasty and healthy meals without having to spend unnecessary money on all sorts of fancy accessories and expensive foods.

I have learned how to manage my laundry and look after the clothing we have in order to ensure that we are well dressed without having to purchase new clothes every single month.

I have learned how to be content with my home, my furniture and how to decorate and be creative within the home in order to have a welcoming comfortable sanctuary for family and friends alike.


None of these things happened at the same time. Every new skill and accomplishment came with work and patience and in its own season. As my seasons have changed, so too has my focus and attention to different experiences and skills.

I no longer feel the need to envy this formidable woman because with hindsight I can look back and see that with God’s help, the different seasons in my life and my own eagerness to be this woman, I have started to grow into her skin. The same will happen in your life as you press on.

There is one thing the Proverbs 31 woman managed to attain, that few other woman do…She had a husband and children that were observant and noticed her efforts. I think this verse in scripture is often overlooked while focusing on all this woman’s skills (and our lack of skills).

So if there are any husbands reading this please remember to notice when your wife is enthusiastic about her home and all the many chores she repetitively does every single day. Usually, when the home is functioning and running well the efforts of the wife will go unnoticed and be taken for granted.

Nothing motivates a woman more than when her efforts in the mundane chores of housework are noticed and appreciated.

Children do not notice the efforts mom puts into their daily care, but as they grow older and their seasons change, they too eventually realize the time and effort mom put into raising them and they then learn to appreciate her more.

So young mom and wife…relax…you will gradually grow into a Proverbs 31 Woman…
If your aim is to please God and look after your family enthusiastically and with all that you have…every season will train you with every skill you need.

Proverbs 31: 28 – 29 “Her children respect and bless her;
    her husband joins in with words of praise:
“Many women have done wonderful things,
    but you’ve outclassed them all!”

I still have things to learn and seasons to pass through but I have learned that with all the new seasons comes all the new skills. I don’t need to force it or envy it in other woman.  

*Hugs* till next time.


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