Friday, 12 June 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful pond filled with the most beautiful of tiny colourful fishes and crabs, algae and water plants of every kind. This was a perfect water world and everyone who inhabited this world was well-fed and happy. With every new sun rise there was the promise of a glorious day to follow, full of adventure, freedom and new discoveries for all. Children and adults lived in harmony and stress was an unknown phenomena.

Everyone was aware that these blessings did not just happen. They knew that there was an invisible, yet ever present benefactor that ensured their well-being and they were grateful to Him.

Eventually with time, one of the smarter crabs decided to investigate the crevices in the rocks, their shapes and sizes, and wrote several “expert” books regarding these rocks. Another expert, Mr. Red Spotted Toad, (later known as Professor Anaxyrus Punctatus) also studied and wrote books on his area of expertise and so knowledge of their world became widespread. 

Experts of all sorts sprang up from all over, spouting wisdom and knowledge. All the kiddies now had to attend school on a daily basis to cram all this knowledge in their heads, or they would not be able to function as adults. How would they feed their families one day? There was so much to learn, so much to do…no time for fun…no time for life…

Stress began to creep unnoticed into the tiny water world, harmony was lost as “expert” opinion differed and created confusion among the inhabitants. With all their new found knowledge and intelligence, the thought of a Benefactor, providing for their needs, became more and more ridiculous to some and totally unimaginable to others…so gratitude and peace gave way to the struggle for survival and fear for the future.

However, within this water world there were still a few faithful. There were not many and they were certainly were not considered very smart in terms of current knowledge. They were just ordinary creatures of the water world, mostly ignored and overlooked or ridiculed by sophisticated society, daily providing food for their loved ones, and trusting in the Benefactor of Old.

The One who had provided this water world in the first place. The One who had provided for their ancestors. They clung to the old beliefs and were thankful to Him for their daily provision.

On an ordinary, one tiny fish was swimming around, foraging for food, enjoying the heart and light of the sunlight, as he swam, when he felt himself being swooped out of the water….

Up, up, up, he went until he was no longer in the water. Panicked he looked around, trying to understand what had happened. The world was suddenly brighter and warmer than he had ever experienced.

When his eyes adjusted he looked and saw the most amazing things. There were no words. His imagination and everything he had ever heard had not prepared him for what his eyes saw. The most amazing green meadows, dotted with millions of flowers, dressed in hues of beautiful assorted colours, for as far as the eye could see.

Huge trees of every size colour and shape lined the horizon like sentinels, the bluest of skies covered the whole area, a blanket of blue, tucking in this beauty safely at every horizon. Creature’s with wings were flying around, going about their daily business, hardly aware of his presence, some tweeting, some chirping….

He did not know what he was looking at, but he knew that no one…not even his own family would believe what he had seen.

Yet he also knew that his Benefactor, had revealed to him the real world beyond their tiny world, had shown him that all the knowledge of their tiny world was actually quite useless, in light of what really existed. That the so called experts knew only a tiny fraction of what there was to know.

And so although he had never seen the Benefactor, and had only felt his touch, he had been shown things he had no words to describe to anyone. He was not smart or special in his world. In fact he was hardly noticed, but he knew that His benefactor lived and was the provider of all things good. He spent the rest of his life telling people what he had seen, always remembering that despite all the knowledge and wisdom there was to be found…There was more, much more on the other side of the world he lived in.

*Hugs* till next time.


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