Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

A Test in Obedience – 31 Days
Head Covering / Prayer Room / Facing Giants

Day 16, reinforced my perception that I have to press in and strengthen myself in the Lord; because without Him and His constant presence I would be truly vulnerable lost. Despite having loving family, colleagues and friends, this battle is my own and I would not only need to find strength and courage to press in with my prayers, but also to face the challenges in my daily life. With no husband to back me up, I would have to deal with the problems and setbacks as they happened to roll in to meet me.

During devotions I found myself paging through an old journal of mine, and found that on the 12/12/2010, I had written the following …

For the sake of maturing in the Lord in order to be a blessing to others, God will occasionally permit moments into our lives where we will stand alone in difficulty and true testing. He will even blind the eyes of those closest to us during those moments so that we can learn to minister to ourselves, and strengthen our spirits.”

I can’t remember how or why it was applicable all those years ago; but it was certainly applicable to my circumstances now and served to strengthen my resolve to press into whatever circumstances were to follow, but not to give. As I have mentioned previously. We have no idea what lies in the balance so we cannot be weak nor give up, when calamity or crises strikes. It is then when we truly need to press on.

Spiritual Lesson :

I have learned that in order to minister to the Lord and to others, I first have to be able to minister to myself in times of trouble.  I have to constantly consider my motives and emotions. 

Proverbs 24:12 says
“If you [claim ignorance and] say, “See, we did not know this,” Does He not consider it who weighs and examines the hearts and their motives? And does He not know it who guards your life and keeps your soul? And will He not repay [you and] every man according to his works?”

When the times of clash and battle occur we need to remember that God has an agenda and the devil has an agenda. We choose, consciously or unconsciously which agenda we will partner with.

Physical Lesson:

The head covering served, amongst other things to make me very aware of my gender, while in prayer. I had never really thought about it before. As a female, Royal Warrior in Gods Army, I bring with me a feminine perspective to the battle, (far different from a man’s perspective) which I believe is precisely the point. Just as ordinary armies in this world have their regiments and platoons that focus on specific areas in the army, for the good of the army as a whole, so too does my femininity and gender equip the Kingdom army with a unique perspective and skill. (I just have to understand it to apply it effectively). When I add this to the strategies in prayer, I’m certain I would mature in an effective prayer warrior.


Father, how exciting it is to begin to understand that the role You have assigned for us is so much more than the roles we have assigned for ourselves as women, wives and mothers. Thanks You for our feminine perspectives and thank You for guiding us into prayer ministry, on behalf of our loved ones, for Your Glory.

In Jesus Name we pray…Amen!!!

*Hugs* till next time.