Monday, 7 September 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

Happy Birthday to MOM!!!

Celebrating a Birthday the Alzheimer’s way!!!

Mom’s 78th Birthday eventually arrived on the 31st of August 2015. In many ways it was a surreal, almost “sacred” occasion. For a start, I almost didn’t expect her to make it. Mom was becoming more and more distant to the point that I wasn’t sure whether she would even recognise her family, far less know that it was her birthday.

Yet, not only did she surprise us by being remarkably present and articulate on the great day, she participated and even enjoyed and recognised her loved ones. It was so deceptively like an ordinary birthday, celebrated like so many previous ones, before Alzheimer’s became our new reality.

It was a poignant affair really. The constant pressure to supply all her medical and physical needs, as well as pay for her upkeep at the home seems to occupy most of my time and mind lately. I truly have no idea how we are going to keep up with the demands and maintain a semblance of normal living ourselves.

Alzheimer’s not only robs the patient of memory and normal functioning on a day to day basis, but also sucks the family dry of finances, resources and peace of mind. However, giving up is not an option for us as mom is counting on us to provide the care that she needs.

In the meantime, on a happier note we did celebrate her 78th and it was wonderful to have all the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren present…

Happy Birthday Mom!!! You are so sorely missed and loved.

*Hugs* till next time.


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