Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Test in Obedience – 31 Days
Head Covering / Prayer Room / Facing Giants


Once I had reached the conclusion that I would like to begin wearing head coverings in obedience to scripture, I realised that I needed to find a reliable supplier of head coverings in South Africa and secondly I needed to learn how to fold and wear the scarves and head coverings. I found several but below are my favourites.

My search for a supplier led me Carrie at Jenna Faith Boutique – Like Her Page on Facebook. 

Within half an hour after contacting her, she had organised what I had requested and was ready to assist me. So if you are in South Africa please feel free to contact her for all your head covering needs.

I was looking for something to keep my own hair covered and in control that would also serve as a base colour to compliment to scarf I wanted to wear. Below are some of her suggestions. Beautiful! I want them all!!!

My second problem was I didn’t really have much of an idea how to tie and wear the scarves. Wrapunzel turned out to be an excellent source with actual video tutorials on the how to, (how awesome if that?) and I can testify that Andrea does tie the most spectacular scarves and teaches in a beautiful and humble manner that does not intimidate the newbie in any way. Like Wrapunzel on Face Book.

Enjoy your head coverings. I know I am going to have fun and feel very regal (just like a princess) with my new scarves.

*Hugs* till next time.


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