Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Modern Day Samaritan Woman

My Life…

Above: My beloved Sebastian.

Tread carefully when you step in here;
As bared before you is my life.
A heed of caution bodes you well;
For my life is not just another tale.

Within these pages is my story;
Simplicity in the telling……..
Yet, taking up decades of living.

The story is truth;
Though stranger than fiction….
For within me dwells
A Holy Apparition.

He leads me along;
Through life’s busy days.
And takes the time daily;
Of transforming my ways…..

I don’t always appreciate;
The paths that He chooses,
And sometimes in disobedience
small detours I take;

Ever loving and gentle he nudges me back;
Into the care of the fold and the flock
And despite all factors there is no doubt
my life is unfolding…
Just as my Master appointed.

The story yet incomplete;
Continues each day.
With strangers to encourage;
And loved ones to treasure.

When my adventure is over;
I’ll stop at the Throne.
My Saviour before me;
My lifetime far behind.
Judging to the core
Of the clay that He shaped.

Knowing me well
You’d think it’s all over.
BUT WAIT, Look again…..
He’s reached the core;
Finding pure white reflective Light….

The decision I made a long time ago….
Now is my key to enter His Home….

Ariete McKenzie © 2003

Above: Lamb Chops and Spit Braai

Have you ever stopped and wondered what legacy you are leaving behind and whether it’s even worth “writing home about”?

I wrote this poem in 2003 and I forget about it from time to time… yet, it usually surfaces just when I need reminding that I am not in this alone… I decided to share it today as an encouragement to anyone who may need some encouragement.

*Hugs* till next time.


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