Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Test in Obedience – 31 Days
Head Covering / Prayer Room / Facing Giants


While writing this last days entry I am very well aware that I have only really touched the tip of the iceberg and that I still have plenty to learn; however I am excited about planning my prayer room, attaching my names cards and charts to the wall and pressing into praying with purpose.

The enemy has been absolutely relentless during the past month. Some of the attacks were devastating, and all of them were threatening and real; however sometimes, when we feel that we can go no further, simply getting up again and standing is sufficient:

The following list is not meant to in anyway glorify the enemy or promote fear; but rather is listed in order to provide an indication some of the tactics that were utilized to prevent me completing this challenge.

·         My marriage fell apart compelling me to move out of the home.
(Restoration is in the process and I will be moving back home within the week, after a three week separation).

·         Major rift (possibly permanent) between my step-daughters and myself.
(Will continue interceding and trusting in restoration).

·         My beloved dog attacked resulting in amputation of front leg.
(Thankfully well adapted to the changes and thriving again).

·         My son’s motorcycle and car breaking down simultaneously.

·         My daughter’s and her boyfriend’s individual cars breaking down and in for repairs for almost three weeks, due to no one being able to determine what was wrong.

·         My step-son becoming mysteriously ill for over a week.
(Thankfully he has overcome and is his usual self again)

·         My husband’s employment unexpectedly threatened to the point of suspension. (Hopefully will be resolved within the week).

·         My sheep (Lamb Chops) dying unexpectedly with no warning or illness.

·         Financial pressures due to all the above unforeseen expenses.

·         The water pipe in my temporary home bursting while I was at work and arriving home to find my entire place under water.

·         Perhaps the greatest indication of attack was when my Christianity was mockingly questioned in the face of blatant lies and false accusations directed at my person, my value system, and my character.

However, despite the above mentioned Jesus was ever near and I can state that despite all of the things that occurred my anchor held… Our Saviour truly does remain close in times of tribulation.

I would like to end this post with a very old, but very true poem, as encouragement.

The Devils' Tactics

I had a battle fierce today within my place of prayer.
I went to meet, and talk with God, but I found Satan there.
He whispered," You can't really pray; you lost out long ago.
You might say words while on your knees, but you can't pray, you know."
So then I pulled my helmet down, way down upon my ears;
And found it helped to still his voice, and helped allay my fears.
I checked my other armour too; my feet in peace were shod.
My loins with truth were girt about. My sword; the Word of God.
My righteous breastplate still was on, my heart's love to protect.
My shield of Faith was still intact; his fiery darts bounced back.
I called on God in Jesus' name; and pled the precious Blood,
As Satan sneaked away in shame, I met and talked with God!
(Author unknown)

*Hugs* till next time.