Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Test in Obedience – 31 Days
Head Covering / Prayer Room / Facing Giants


After I considered my motivation when I pray, I discovered that instead of using prayer as a tool to manipulate the spirit realm (even when done in ignorance) , it should rather be a tool that God uses in order to bend my will to His Will.

So instead of coming to Him with my prayer list, all memorized and really mostly asking for provision and protection for loved ones etc., I should rather learn to approach Him with an ear to “Hear”. After all God does know best. He knows where I have been, where I am and more importantly He knows what I still have to face. He knows of the needs and attacks that are occurring everywhere and He knows exactly what and whom needs intercession.

It therefore stands to reason that when I submit to Him in obedience; my time would be better spent permitting Him to bend my stubborn will to His.

The enemy has a way of throwing things our way that can disrupt the steady flow of our existence. These things distract us and have the potential to derail our lives or at the very least to cause us to pause and retreat for a time. 

(In some cases I have retreated for years at a time).

There is nothing wrong with praying and asking for provision and protection, but it’s pointless when we are praying blindly, instead of focused in the direction we are prompted to by Holy Spirit. How much more effective would our prayer lives be if we were praying in agreement with Holy Spirit, as He guides and directs, instead of rambling off a set of predetermined requests.

Mark 4:24Then He said to them, “Pay attention to what you hear. By your own standard of measurement [that is, to the extent that you study spiritual truth and apply godly wisdom] it will be measured to you [and you will be given even greater ability to respond]—and more will be given to you besides.” (AMP) Emphasis my own

Isn’t this precisely what we really need in this hour and time in which we live? I know that I certainly need this ability. The world is literally falling apart, evil is rampant and we are bombarded daily with more than we can assimilate and process. When we begin to pray, as sincere as we may be, it’s an overwhelming task, because quite frankly there is too much (need, pain, difficulty).

Spiritual Lesson :

I learnt that I need to permit God to bend my will to His. I must learn to stop my thoughts and really listen to His Voice, to guide me in effective prayer. As a female prayer warrior I truly desire to pray directly and strategically so that my prayers will be effective and make a difference to the lives of those I pray for.

Physical Lesson:

I have never wavered from wearing the head covering. It has become a real part of my prayer and quiet time and I am becoming more convinced that it is indeed the right thing to do and in line with Gods Will for me. I experience a true covering and anointing when my head is covered in prayer. It no longer distracts me, but rather redirects my focus to serious prayer.


Father God, thank you so much for Your Grace and Mercy and endless patience with us. Please draw us near and help us to submit to You completely so that we will echo what Jesus said at the Garden of Gethsemane, “not my will but Thy Will be done.”

In Jesus Name we pray…Amen!!!

*Hugs* till next time.